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ALL OBITS ARE EDITED. We edit for brevity, style, grammar, etc. This site prints obituary abstracts, not entire obits.


We've shifted our focus to older obits (at least a decade old or more—preferably older than that). We especially like receiving obituaries that aren’t already online elsewhere. Maybe you have one, or a hundred, that you'd like to share with us. Share 20, and we'll mention you on the site.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: When submitting an obit, you MUST tell us where the deceased was from. Please stop making us guess. You also need to tell us when they died. Hint: "Tuesday" is not a valid death date. Also tell us where the person is buried, or if they were cremated. If a funeral home was involved, please send that info, too. And as you already know, all obits are edited for brevity, and to match the stylistic content of the site. These are obituary abstracts. ALL OBITS ARE EDITED. Thanks!

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