FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why aren't my loved ones represented on your site?
Because you haven't sent us their obituaries yet.

Okay, how can I send you the obituaries of my family and friends?
We really prefer that you do it via e-mail. You can click here to send us some e-mail. That way, we can just cut and paste the information and add it to the site. Please don't include the pallbearers and honorary pallbearers, as we don't generally use that information. If you must send it via land mail, just e-mail us, and we'll send the address. But the postal service, like everything else, isn't 100% reliable, and we'd hate for your last remaining copy of Uncle Bob's obituary to get lost in the mail. That's why we prefer e-mail. Plus, it saves us a lot of typing. :)

What if I don't have a newspaper clipping or other obituary, but still want to get someone on your site?
It's fine if you don't have an actual obituary on hand. Just write one yourself. It doesn't even have to be a formal obituary; it can just be a collection of facts that we can draft an obit around. But do be as accurate as possible. Generally, we're looking for the death date, the name of the cemetery (or whether the person was cremated, body donated to science, and so forth), the name of the funeral home handling the services, date of birth...generally as much information as you can find. Please don't go overboard on the personal details (some obituaries can be terribly long). Even if your homemade obituary is very short, that's all right. Some of our obits are only a couple of sentences long. PS: We reserve the right to edit everything.

Do I have to be related to people I send you obits for, or can I send them for random people?
You can send us the obits of people you've never met. No problem. We do it all the time.

Hey, I saw a mistake on your site!
Then please write us a nice, polite e-mail and point out the error to us. We're only human. We do make mistakes.

Why does the Arkansas section have so many more obits than the other sections?

Because we used to be based in Arkansas. That means that we had access to far more Arkansas obituaries via newspapers, libraries, oral history and other sources. However, rest assured that we handle obits from all 50 states. We've recently relocated to Florida, so we're getting a lot of Florida obituaries. We get more obits from some states than others.

Can you tell me what newspaper or other source a certain obit comes from?
Absolutely not. We use many, many different sources, and we don't keep records on every little piece of information we encounter. We do not keep newspapers lying around.

Are your obituaries ever edited? Yes, in fact, they're always edited for brevity, grammar, additional information, etc. They are mere paraphrases, not the official obituaries themselves. These are obituary abstracts.