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"Social Networking for the Dead"

Obit City is a labor of love. This collection of free U.S. obituaries is being made available in an effort to help people learn more about their family connections. We have also received emails from individuals who have, on this site, found the obituaries of old friends, classmates, teachers, fellow military service personnel and other important people in their lives.

This site began with just a few old obits. We posted them online to share them with others, because hidden information doesn’t help anyone. It was our hope that these obituaries could prove useful to family members of the deceased. At that time, nobody had any way of knowing how successful would become, and how many people would find it helpful.

In the spirit of social networking, Obit City is a way to help people make connections. Our tagline, "Social Networking for the Dead," is fairly accurate. Naturally, whatever networking the deceased may be doing isn't happening on this plane of existence, but their surviving loved ones are often online seeking further information about them. This is a way to publicly share information about the dearly departed.

We are dealing with death, which can painful for the survivors for obvious reasons. However, we also celebrate the blessings of memory, laughter and love. For the ability to remember the good times, we're grateful.

P.S. If you have old obituary clippings sitting around gathering dust in a drawer or envelope, please preserve them. If you don’t send them to us, then send them to someone. Post them online yourself, or publish them in a book. Just preserve them somehow.

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